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Underhive Container Hab D by Corvus Games Terrain. 28mm Sci Fi Wargame Terrain, great for Infinity the Game, Star Wars Legion

Underhive Container Hab D by Corvus Games Terrain. 28mm Sci Fi Wargame Terrain, great for Infinity the Game, Star Wars Legion


The Underhive Container Hab D by Corvus Games Terrain is 28mm Sci Fi Wargame Terrain that’s perfect for your games of Star Wars Legion, Infinity the Game, and more!

Life in the underhive can be seriously tough. A place where even the most basic of dwellings can be difficult to find. Always the expert recyclers, the denizens of the lower tiers in society make do with whatever happens to be laying around, and find new and 'interesting' ways to make their homes amongst the discarded and disused.

These former cargo shipping containers have been given a new life and have become home to countless number of workers, families, businesses, services and criminal gangs. A simple ready-made dwelling made "fit for habitation" by cutting doorways and windows in the sheet metal. Additions like air purifier units, power conduits, water reclamation units, and extraction fans make life a little more bearable in the underhive.

These 3D printed Hab Buildings are scaled to 28mm and feature removable doors and roofs, allowing easy access to the interiors. Units can be stacked. The largest building is a double unit with a door to the front and an in-built ladder for accessing the roof area.

A handful of these Hab Buildings would look great combined with some Toxic Chemical Storage Tanks for a thematic industrial look.

This listing is for the Underhive Hab D Building only. No miniatures are included. The other Underhive Hab buildings are available in our other listings, as is the complete set.


Building D: 162mm x 168mm x 59mm

Underhive Hab was designed by Corvus Games Terrain and physical prints are produced by us under a licensed reseller agreement. Corvus Games Terrain has their own website, if you’d like to support this designer you can find his Website here:

If you have your own 3D printer these files are available for purchase for personal use here:

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