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Sector Fatalis Single Width Doors by Dragons Rest. 28mm Wargame Terrain

Sector Fatalis Single Width Doors by Dragons Rest. 28mm Wargame Terrain


The Dragons Rest Sector Fatalis Single Width Doors Pack is 3D Printed Wargame Terrain scaled for 28mm miniature games like , Infinity the Game, and your favorite tabletop game or Role Playing Games.

The Sector Fatalis set of modular 3D printed wargame terrain allows you to build huge multi leveled combat arenas. With just a few pieces you have the ability to create near limitless combinations.

Each piece is based on a 2 inch square grid is quick and easy to set up and stacks and packs away nicely.

This pack includes 2 X single width doors and enough clips to connect them

Approx size: L 50 x W 35 x H 70 all dimensions in mm

The Dragons Rest Sector Fatalis wargame terrain was designed by Dragons Rest and physical prints are produced by us under a licensed reseller agreement. Dragons Rest has their own website, if you’d like to support this designer you can find his Website here:

If you have your own 3D printer these files are available for purchase for personal use here:

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