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Runic Ruins Battle Mat, Neoprene Mousepad style Game Mat. 28mm Wargame Terrain, Use For Infinity the Game,  , Star Wars Legion

Runic Ruins Battle Mat, Neoprene Mousepad style Game Mat. 28mm Wargame Terrain, Use For Infinity the Game, , Star Wars Legion


The Runic Ruins battle mat for 28mm miniature wargames terrain.

Available in two sizes - 6 X 4 and 4 X 4 - first photo is the 6 X 4 may, second photo is the 4 X 4 mat

Somehow, in the midst of this burned barren place a solitary hulking ruin stood. Temple? Mausoleum? Seat of governmental power? Only the stone blocks that made up this monolithic structure knew for sure, and they were not speaking.

It was evident that whoever or whatever this place had been originally intended for was long gone. In their place was evidence of something else. The carvings that might have identified this places' intended purpose had been destroyed and instead crude runes had been etched into the walls and floors. Whatever denizens now occupied this place had turned it into a charnel house It was apparent that all manner of profane rituals had been conducted here and the various stains and offal were a clear signal to move on or enter at your own peril...

The Runic Ruins Game Mat is great for games like Age of Sigmar, 40,000, The Horus Heresy, Infinity, Malifaux, Shadow War Armageddon and many more.

Game Mats are high quality mousepad style battle mats and include the following features:

2mm thick neoprene base with a fabric top layer
High quality 300dpi dye sublimation printing
GameMats are spill resistant
The surface material combined with the printing process provides a non-reflective matte finish which photographs and videos beautifully for battle reports
GameMats neoprene base material muffles die rolling noise and provides some cushion for miniatures that get knocked over
The base material is also anti-slip so it won't slide around on your tabletop. The soft rubber backing means it won't scratch your dining room table!
All GameMats include a black polyester carrying case and an ID tag with a photo of the mat on one side and room to write your name & contact info on the other

Rolling hint-roll with grippy side in, so the GameMat slides in and out of the bag with ease

6' X 4' GameMat weighs about 8.5 pounds

Our artwork is distinctly different! We strive to bring you Game Mats with beautiful, unique designs that work with or without additional terrain. Our emphasis is on helping you create your narrative with amazing artwork that has a sense of dimensionality and depth. You've worked hard to make your miniatures look great. GameMats is the perfect backdrop to make them look awesome at your next game!


Note: colors and dimensions may vary slightly due to the printing process

We also manufacture mousepad style wargaming mats for tabletop games

All battle mats are high quality neoprene with a layer of fabric bonded to the top that has a 300dpi image printed on it via dye sublimation. Battle Mats are available in a variety of themes and sizes to suit most any style of gaming from skirmish level to massive apocalypse sized battles. Mats also include a sturdy transport case and a bag tag with an image of the mat on one side and a place to write your personal info on the other.


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