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Promethium Storage Pod, 28mm Ministure Wargame Terrain

Promethium Storage Pod, 28mm Ministure Wargame Terrain


When you need a fuel source for your power plant or generator, the Promethium Storage Pod is a great piece of scenery that adds lots of character to your industrial themed terrain.

This piece also connects to other popular Pipes scenery via a built in socket.

Scaled for 28mm - 32mm games. The PrinTerrain Promethium Storage Pod is 3.5 inches tall X 5.5 inches including the pipe socket. The pipe socket allows you to connect the fuel dome to other popular pipe systems. The actual diameter of the dome is 4 inches.

This kit also includes three optional cover plates to cap off the pipe socket should you decide not to use it. Cover plates can be glued in place with super glue or temporarily attached with a thin bead of poster tack.

This model is also a great add on to our Terrawatt Generator model.

The Promethium Storage Pod is perfect for skirmish games

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