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Outpost Beta Main Tower by Corvus Games Terrain that’s great for role playing games & miniature wargaming like Star Wars Legion, Starfinder

Outpost Beta Main Tower by Corvus Games Terrain that’s great for role playing games & miniature wargaming like Star Wars Legion, Starfinder


The PrinTerrain/Corvus Games Terrain Outpost Beta Main Tower

Outpost Beta was originally a remote research station in the Outer Rim before the dark times. Local pirates suspecting the 'scientists' of being a forward scouting team, attacked the building and captured it for themselves. In the intervening years, the pirate gang have made it their main base of operations in the sector. They've added to the original structure with extra buildings and created a much more defensible position.

This listing is for the MAIN TOWER ONLY. See our other listings for the other outpost Beta buildings or complete set.


Main Tower Lower - 197mm x 170mm x 96mm
Main Tower Upper - 160mm x 140mm x 103mm
Main Tower Roof - 145mm x 145mm x 95mm

3D printed in PLA plastic. Outpost Beta is a large complex terrain set with many parts. Please allow two full weeks for processing time when placing your order.

This is a 3D printed item and is made to order and supplied unfinished. You’ll need to finish it using typical modeling supplies like sandpaper, files, primer, glue and paint.

We recommend basecoating it with a filler primer like Krylon and then painting it with textured spray paint and then drubrushing it for that authentic weathered clay building look.

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Outpost Beta was designed by Corvus Games Terrain and physical prints are produced by us under a licensed reseller agreement. Corvus Games Terrain has their own website, if you’d like to support this designer you can find his Website here:

If you have your own 3D printer these files are available for purchase for personal use here:


3D printers create objects layer by layer, slowly. Think of it like an endless tube of toothpaste depositing one line at a time. During this layering, there may be minor imperfections. On some parts, layer lines are also visible. These can easily be fixed if you decide you’d like to have a more polished look on your final piece. For 3d printed terrain you can use filler primer such as Krylon or sprays from auto parts stores. Also consider using textured paint, flock, static grass or other products commonly used in terrain modeling for miniature wargaming terrain.

We don’t do any finishing or post production. All products are sold “as-is” fresh from our 3D printer farm. Product pictures in our listings are always actual prints straight from our 3D printers and are representative of the quality you will receive. If you’d like to see images of finished parts by us and by members of our community, check out our social media.

We strive to create models that are playable, printable, durable and of course have that “neato” factor. If there are any issues or problems with a 3D printed part that you receive from us, let us know! We want you to be happy with your items. We’ll do our best to resolve any issues.


PrinTerrain on Etsy is the “get it printed” side of GameMats.Com 3D printable wargames terrain. If you have your own 3D printer, many of our STL’s are available for purchase at our main website.

We also manufacture mousepad style wargaming mats for tabletop games

All GameMats.Com mats are high quality neoprene with a layer of fabric bonded to the top that has a 300dpi image printed on it via dye sublimation. Mats are available in a variety of themes and sizes to suit most any style of gaming from skirmish level to massive apocalypse sized battles. Mats also include a sturdy transport case and a bag tag with an image of the mat on one side and a place to write your personal info on the other.


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