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Kilowatt Generator 28mm Miniature Wargame Terrain

Kilowatt Generator 28mm Miniature Wargame Terrain


The Kilowatt Generator is small sized generator/fuel pump.

This piece of scenery works great as part of an industrial themed terrain setup.

The Kilowatt Generator works with other PrinTerrain models like the Plasma Accelerator, Massive Generator and Cooling Towers. Combine this model with our other scenery to represent a power plant or an engine room on a starship. Use it as an objective in your battles in the underhive. The massive generator can also be connected to other scenery via the pipe socket and is compatible with popular commercial game terrain. The pipe socket can also be covered with the included optional cover plates.

Approximate dimensions: 1.25 inches tall x 3.5” wide x 3.5” long

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