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Dragons Rest Sci Fi Hub Tartarus Outpost 28mm Wargame Terrain Great For  , Star Wars Legion, Infinity the Game

Dragons Rest Sci Fi Hub Tartarus Outpost 28mm Wargame Terrain Great For , Star Wars Legion, Infinity the Game


The Dragons Rest Sci Fi Hub Alpha Tartarus Outpost is 3D Printed Wargame Terrain scaled for 28mm miniature games.

Please note that this is a large complex kit with lots of parts. Print time for this set is 14-21 days.

They fall from the skies, glowing with an ethereal light. Their descent slowed by the onboard orbital maneuvering system. Once the Hub Alphas have landed, the initial outpost is established and colonists begin turning this newly discovered planet into home. Our intrepid explorers eagerly begin preparing for the discoveries and potential dangers that lay ahead...

Part of the modular Outpost: Origins range the Hub Alpha is a multipart print that allows you to establish your base of operations. The legs are detachable from the main hub. Doors easily slide in and out or can be blocked off with bulkheads (sold separately) to allow for different entrance configurations. Doors can also be replaced with a ramp.

Multiple Hub Alphas can be stacked using the inbuilt location guides. There's a removable floor grate inside to allow your colonists access to other levels via the internal ladder. The detachable roof houses the basic life support equipment needed for colonization.

The Hub Alpha Tartarus Outpost Kit is a complete play set from modular Outpost Origins series from The Dragon's Rest. The Tartarus Outpost Set features all the components needed to build a complete Sci Fi Base! All components are modular and interchangeable with the entire Outpost Origins Range.

The Outpost Origins Hub Tartarus Outpost Kit is the perfect way get a complete play set for your Sci-Fi themed wargaming table!

Outpost Tartarus Parts Included:

Hub Base Kit x 3
Hub Extender Kit x 2
Hub Roof Kit x 3
Hub Small Walkway Kit x 2
Hub Bulkhead Set x 1

Over 150 pieces!

Scaled for 28mm games like Infinity the Game, Star Wars Legion, Stargrave and your favorite tabletop game or Role Playimg Games.

The Dragons Rest wargame terrain was designed by Dragons Rest and physical prints are produced by us under a licensed reseller agreement. Dragons Rest has their own website, if you’d like to support this designer you can find his Website here:

If you have your own 3D printer these files are available for purchase for personal use here:

PrinTerrain on Etsy is the “get it printed” side of GameMats.Com 3D printable wargames terrain.

We also manufacture mousepad style wargaming mats for tabletop games like, Bolt Action, Star Wars Legion, Frostgrave, Star Wars X-Wing and more!

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