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Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we gladly take custom orders. A custom order can be a variant of one our listings, an item from one of the designers we are licensed to print that is not listed yet, or files provided by customers. Other print resolutions and scales that differ from our standard 0.2mm and 28mm may be available. Feel free to [contact us] with any question or requests for a quote.


I don’t see a model I’m looking for from one of your designers, can you print it for me?

Almost any of their models can be printed. Feel free to request anything that you see that hasn’t made it into the shop yet.


What is PLA?

PLA is Polylactic Acid, a bio friendly starch based plastic derived from plants like taro, sugar cane and corn, depending on where it’s manufactured. PLA is also widely used for food packaging. For hobbyists, PLA is easy to work with as it can be sanded, painted and post processed. The main con with PLA is that it has a fairly low melt point and can warp or deform if left in the sun or in a hot car. As with all 3D prints, there may be minor imperfections, some finishing may be required.


Do you sell painted terrain and miniatures?

Not at this time, although we occasionally sell our painted display pieces. Some of the product pictures show how the models might look when painted, however you will receive unpainted/unfinished models.


Can you modify the designs?

Almost all of our products are licensed from designers. The terms of these agreements prohibit us from changing the design, other than changing the scale and size an item is printed at. 


Why do order processing  times take a week or more?

All of our products are printed on demand once you order. Because we offer such a huge range of models we don't keep any premade stock of our items. Some models have many large parts that can take days to print, while others include hundreds of different parts. We also always take the time to inspect and do a basic clean up the items before shipping them out to you. An estimate of the shipping time is given in item descriptions. We keep our printer farm humming along 24/7 and do our best to get orders out the door as quickly as possible while sticking to our high standards. We print on industry leading Original Prusa 3D printers. We’re gamers too! If we wouldn’t put a model on our own tables we don’t send it out!


Do you offer free shipping?

YES! All orders of $75 or more can be shipped within the continental U.S. for free. Any exception to this is noted in the listing for the item.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, not at this time. This is due to the unreliability of international carriers since the outbreak of the global pandemic. We do intend to review this policy at a later date.


More about shipping:

Your items will be sent to the address that you provide at the time that you place your order. Shipping is via USPS/UPS/FEDEX at our discretion. Generally this means small packages ship via USPS and large, heavy packages ship via UPS/FEDEX. All shipping rates are calculated by the carriers shipping interface. We never add any extra fees or handling charges. Orders are shipped several times a week.


Please make sure your delivery address is correct and complete! If a package is returned to us due to incorrect shipping information, it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for the applicable shipping costs to have the package re-sent.