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About us

GamesMats.Com is a collaboration of long time gamers. Some of us have been playing tabletop wargames for 30+ years. We love all sorts of gaming but miniature wargames and the hobby associated with that niche is our favorite. GameMats.Com is a labor of love and our opportunity to serve the tabletop gaming community. We're based in Monterey, California but some of the fine folks on our team live in other parts of the country.

Our goal is to bring you something a little different than your run of the mill "open field" game mats. Our game mats are heavily themed and designed to encourage and enhance narrative gameplay. We hope that you enjoy playing tabletop miniature wargames on our game mats as much as we enjoy creating them for you!

You can find us on social media at:

Twitter: @GameMatsDotCom

Instagram: @GameMatsDotCom


Questions? You can contact us at: