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mini hobby razor saw citadel style

Saw - Hobby Razor Saw + Blades

$13.97 $32.00

This set includes a mini hobby razor saw handle and two blades. This set is perfect for cutting plastic, resin, wood and other materials typically found in modeling and miniatures hobby..

Great for your expensive plastic and resin miniatures. Use this razor saw to remove sprues, vents and gates instead of using clippers which can shatter parts or break them in unintended ways. Awesome for miniatures and crafting tabletop scenery! Don't take a chance on snapping those expensive Forge World resin kits with side cutters.

These razor saw blades are very thin and slightly flexible but very sharp. There's a wide blade and a narrow blade that's great for getting in to those hard to reach spots in between gates and sprues. You'll be able to make precision cuts exactly the way you need to.

Also great for kitbashing and modding your models and terrain when you need clean cuts but the speed and heat generated by a power tool like a Dremel/rotary tool is too much for delicate parts.

Package contains one Razor Saw handle and two Razor Saw blades.



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