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PrinTerrain STL Berlin Wall Expansion Pack Full curve

STL PrinTerrain Neu Berlin Wall Expansion Pack


This is a 3D printable STL file, not a physical product.

Neu Berlin, you know, its better than old Berlin! Styled after today's Berlin Wall, the Neu Berlin Wall is perfect for all of your post modern tabletop skirmish games. It's tall and beefy and made to be an effective defense and line of sight blocking terrain feature.

This set features six special models with curves, angles and cross pieces. The expansion pack gives you additional flexibility in constructing defensive walls or perimeters when added to the Neu Berlin Wass Base Pack. 

All parts are engineered with built in magnet holes on the ends allowing you to easily install 3mm diameter X 2mm thickness magnets. We recommend n52 magnets, available here.

PrintTerrain Neu Berlin Wall parts are all 3.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide at the base. The longest piece is the large cross section, and it is 6.5 inches long. This pack includes a full 90 degree curve, a half curve, a large cross, small cross, and two variations of the 45 degree corner - one with a pointed point and one with a flat point.

The Neu Berlin Wall Expansion Pack is the second in a series of post modern terrain! Watch for upcoming add-on packs and accessories to expand the utility of this set!

Printer Settings: Print at .2 for normal quality

Supports: No supports needed

Recommended Material: Print with PLA

File Format: STL file in ZIP folder

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