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PrinTerrain STL 3D printable Scenery for Warhammer 40k Sci Fi Tabletop Wargames Terrain Age of sigmar infinity Star Wars legion Horus Heresy Zone Mortalis Cargo crate set full set

PrinTerrain STL Tech Crate Set


This is a 3D printable STL file, not a physical product.

The PrinTerrain Tech Craye set is a collection of seven different sized cargo crates and boxes. These crates have a high tech Sci I look to them and range from a very large machinery crate down to a small "ammo can" sized box. These pieces of scenery work great in industrial themed terrain, a secret base or fortification. Combine piles of them to make various unique pieces of scatter terrain.

Scaled for 28mm -32mm games. There are seven different models in this file pack.

The model sizes are (in mm):








Printer Settings: Print at .2 for normal quality. 

Supports: No supports needed

Recommended Material: Print with PLA

File Format: STL file in ZIP folded

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