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PrinTerrain STL Gamma Zone Room & Corridor System Base Pack


This is a 3D printable STL file, not a physical product.

Whether you’re fighting battles in the Sub Hive or recreating boarding actions in deadly far future conflicts, Gamma Zone makes the perfect setting for your tabletop wargames. 

Gamma Zone is a modular wall and post system that allows you to set up maze like corridors and rooms for games like Space Hulk, Zone Mortalis, Deadzone, Rogue Stars, Necromunda and more. Gamma Zone features a heavy industrial look. Recreate those grim and dark environments from secret bases and deadly abandoned starships to the lowest levels of sprawling hive cities.

Gamma Zone is designed to work with game mats! No need to print floor tiles, just print the variety of walls and posts that you need for your desired layout. Gamma Zone is pre-engineered with sockets for small magnets, allowing you to magnetize all of the components for the ultimate flexibility in setup. The sockets are 3mm diameter and 2mm deep. We recommend n52 disc magnets, available here.

This STL file set includes 15 parts: four walls with posts, four bulkheads without posts, narrow wall with post, narrow bulkhead without post, freestanding post and a post wall with a print in place sliding door. We’ve also added three optional posts that only have keyholes and magnet sockets on some of the faces.

PrintTerrain Gamma Zone Base Pack is the first set for an expanding range of parts in this theme. You can expect to see lots of additional packs, including an expanded door pack, double length wall packs, themed room packs and more!

Dimensions: Gamma Zone walls with posts are the largest parts in this set. They are approximately 4 inches long by 1 inch wide at the post end. All parts are 3 inches tall.

Printer Settings: Print at .2 for normal quality

Print all parts upright (with the PT logo on the build plate)

Supports: No supports needed

Recommended Material: Print with PLA

File Format: STL file in ZIP folder

Miniatures shown for scale purposes. No miniatures are included in this sale.

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