Game Mats ship FREE in the continental United States!
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Our new SPACE MAT Game Mat Designs will be  available to pre order very soon!

This round of GameMats.Com pre orders includes three new SPACE MAT designs, available in two sizes, 3' X 3' and 3' X 6'

All Game Mats come with a black polyester zip up transport case and an ID tag with an image of the mat on one side and space to write your personal info on the other side.

Pre Order FAQ

How long do I have to pre order? We're accepting pre orders for these items for approximately 30 days

Is there a discount for pre orders? YES! During the pre order period we're offering these new designs and sizes at a special pre order discounted price, and all Game Mats ship free in the continental United States. (Please note that due to the fact that these pre orders are already discounted any coupons or discount codes will not be applicable to pre order items)

Can I pre-order more than one design/size? Yes

If I my order contains regular stock items and pre order items do I have to wait until fulfillment to receive my regular stock items? No, we'll ship your in stock items right away. We generally get in stock items out the door the next business day.

When do I get my pre order mats? We expect to begin fulfilling these pre-orders on September 15th 2017. This projected fulfillment date is based on our previous orders with our manufacturing partners. However, there are multiple factors that could delay our ability to ship at that time, including but not limited to: delays by our manufacturing partner, transoceanic shipping delays, port of entry and US Customs delays, etc.

How will I know what's going on with pre order items? We will provide progress updates on the pre order page, on our news page and on our Facebook page to keep you informed of any significant changes to our projected fulfillment date.

Are you crowdfunding this? No. We've already set our order in motion with our manufacturing partners. Having a pre order program helps us manage logistics, shipping, and inventory control.