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When You Can’t Hobby...

When you can’t hobby


Summertime is, frequently, “my time” when it comes to hobbying.

I finish up a lot of previous projects, I get things assembled and primed so that I can work on them over the winter, and so forth and so on. Summer is the glory of my hobby productivity.

This summer, however, has been, well… different is putting it mildly.

First, it was unseasonably wet here – large amounts of rain fell all spring and into the early summer. Then, in mid-June, the heat struck. Temperatures in the 80s and 90s, with high degrees of humidity.

This meant that, for most of the spring, there were no priming opportunities. Then, with the high humidity and heat, even though there was no rain, it also made priming miniatures a difficult proposition (for one set of minis that I primed, the humidity caused the primer to cake and dry on them like a horrible layer of barnacles; they’re still sitting in a Simple Green bath so I can strip it off and start again). Add to that the fact that my wife and I swore, no matter what, not to turn the air conditioning on until July, so that meant some fairly sweltering, sticky temperatures in my house, not at all conducive to hobbying. So for the last couple of months, hobby has kind of been on the back burner.

Now, we’ve all been there, right? We’ve all had hobby dry spells caused by this or that circumstance. However, even though you can’t physically hobby and get your minis ready to go, there are still other things you can do that will help keep you in the hobby mindset. Herewith, my modest proposals:


• Organize your models – I did this during one of the hot nights we’ve had recently. I had allowed my basement to look, well, like a GW store had exploded down there, so it was time to tidy up. The thing that I loved about it was how fast it went. I honestly thought the process would take me two or three nights, but I accomplished it all in under two hours of concerted effort.

• Clean your hobby space – I did this recently, as well. Like most of you, I have a number of projects on my hobby desk at any one time. That, and the fact that I hadn’t put any of my paints away in months, meant I, quite literally, had less than a few inches to work on projects. Enough was enough. 

• Edit your “wish list” – Whether you use the Wish List function on the GW webstore or you have a file on your computer, an entry in your diary, whatever, we’ve all got a list of what hobby stuff we want to buy next. Update it, reformat it, so you will enter your FLGS with a cool head and a keen eye next time you’re about the town.

• Finalize your army lists – Get out your books, pen and paper, and dig into the fun of creating your warbands. Easy-peasy.

• Read – Read fluff (or background, whatever you call it); read Black Library novels; read history; read rules sets. Read SOMETHING that keeps you in the hobby mood and inspires you.

• Browse – Take a trip to your FLGS, or another hobby shop, or even poke around online at the many fine miniatures and terrain retailers. 


About the author;

Peter Kuebeck is a writer, gamer and award-winning mini-painter living in the Midwest. He wages a constant battle against the ever-growing tide of unpainted minis in his basement, and occasionally GMs role-playing game sessions with friends. Catch his hobby shenanigans on Twitter at @popculturecube

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