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Welcome to GameMats.Com!

!Hello tabletop wargamers and welcome to GameMats.Com! We thought it would be good to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves and give you a little background information about us, our products, and design philosophy.

Who are GameMats.Com?

GameMats.Com is a collaborative of long time wargamers with roots that go all the way back to the 70's when it was tough to actually find board wargames and miniatures. Some of us started with the old Avalon Hill and SPI bookcase games, others with pen and paper RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons. Eventually we all moved to miniatures as they became more widely available. The one thing we all have in common is a lifelong love of miniatures and "the hobby" that goes along with it, from painting miniatures to building models and creating tabletop terrain to game on. This experience gives us a broad range of ideas to choose from and even though we're big fans of certain genres we don't intend to limit ourselves to just fantasy or dystopian far future sci fi gaming. If you can name it, we've probably played it, or at least dabbled in it at some point. All of this experience gives us a wide range of ideas to choose from for new game mat designs.

For many of us, it's always been a bit of a dream to start a game related business that gives us the opportunity to create cool stuff, but also serves the gaming community. We decided we'd waited long enough and that it was time to jump in and do something that's fun, creative, and that hopefully, other gamers will enjoy as much as we do.

What is GameMats.Com?

At its simplest, GameMats.Com is exactly what it's name says, a business that designs and manufactures printed tabletop wargaming terrain mats . Why game mats? We know we're not first to market with this idea and we're not here to reinvent the wheel either. There are lots of great game mats out there but we think it's a big pond and that there's always room for innovation and new ideas. We think that this ideal will show up in our designs over the long run. While we'll probably have some designs that fill some of the typical roles for wargaming we also plan to develop game mats that focus on narrative gameplay in terms of what wargamers might use them for. We hope that you find this idea as interesting as we do!

For our launch, we'll debut two different 4' X 6' game mats and then grow our catalog with new releases every few weeks. We will offer mats in other sizes as well, starting with 4' X 4' and eventually moving to other sizes.

One thing we'd like to mention because we've already been asked this a few times, "Why not start with a Kickstarter?". We considered this but ultimately we want to be able to talk with you about what you like and don't like. We also want to hear from you about where the tabletop miniature wargaming community is being underserved in terms of game mats. We feel like working at a steady pace over time gives us more opportunity to be flexible an interact with all of you, get your feedback and probably hear some ideas we haven't yet thought about.

GameMats.Com, unique, thematic game mat designs created with an eye towards narrative game play.

We think you'll like what we have to offer. Our game mats are high quality original artwork on neoprene backed cloth that's printed using a state of the art dye sublimation process that's UV and water resistant. The neoprene backing makes our game mats durable, portable, and keeps them from sliding around on your table top. The cloth and rubber combination also means your dice roll quieter and are less likely to go flying off the table. These mats can be rolled up and come with a black polyester zip-up carrying bag. (The game mats can also be folded but we don't recommend storing them that way for long periods of time).

Oh and one last thing, our game mats ship FREE in the contiguous United States which is a great value add for you!

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