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Sick Days

Hobbying on sick days


As I’m writing this, I’m just barely recovering from a week of suffering from about the worst cold I’ve had in some time. Coughing, stuffiness, chills, exhaustion, you know the drill. Now, of course, as a stay-at-home-dad, I don’t get to hang in bed when I’m struck down by the plauge. I still have to get the kids up, dressed, fed, take care of laundry, groceries, dinner, preschool transportation and so forth. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to just sit and try to get better, but I’m thankfully on the mend.

Also, being sick doesn’t leave much of an opportunity for hobby activities either, because in the evenings, when I’d be doing my usual hobby routine after the rest of the family is asleep, I’ve actually been asleep for a couple hours already.

Still, there are some things that you can do to keep the hobby fires burning, even if you’re feeling too gross to do your regular stuff.


Read. If you’re in bed with the flu or just don’t have the gumption to build or paint, this is what rulebooks were made for. Look through the stats for some of your units, refresh yourself on the special characteristics of your army, or just plain immerse yourself in fluff. You’re sick, it’s relaxing, and you’ve earned it.


Write. If you’ve got a notebook or a laptop handy, and you’re so inclined, you might find yourself able to write up background for your units or heroes in a narrative game; come up with interesting scenarios for that skirmish you’ve always wanted to try; or maybe outline the set of alternate rules that you’ve got hanging around in your head.


Shop. By this, I don’t mean spend money just because you’re sick, but especially during this particular sick period I’ve had a blast “window-shopping”, so to speak, at my favorite online wargaming retailers and filling up my shopping carts with stuff I’d like to get, just for fun. If you want, you can then take screenshots of the list and save them so you know the stuff you’d like to buy later (I’ve found this pretty helpful in the past).


Bask. If you have the energy, get out some of your old finished projects or, better yet, dig out some parts of that next big project you want to try. Just look at the minis and plan in your mind what you want to do with them. 


Watch and Listen. There are a ton of gaming podcasts and streams out there. Take it easy, sip your juice, and enjoy.

About the Author;

Peter Kuebeck is a writer, gamer and award-winning mini-painter living in the Midwest. He wages a constant battle against the ever-growing tide of unpainted minis in his basement, and occasionally GMs role-playing game sessions with friends. Catch his hobby shenanigans on Twitter at @popculturecube

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