Win your next game with a GameMats battle mat!
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Hey gamers, wanna get a GameMat for free? Help spread the word about our close-out sale and get 4 people to buy a mat, and we’ll send you one as a thank you for helping us out.

Here’s how it works:

You tell all your gaming friends about the GameMats sale. 

Your friends go to the GameMats site and purchase a mat (or two, or three).

You ask your friends to give you:

  • Their order number from their receipt.
  • The name they used on the order.
  • The email address the used on the order.
  • The game mat size and design they purchased.

You collect this information from 4 people (or from 2 people who buy 2 mats each, or one person who buys one mat, and one person who buys 3 mats, any combination of 4 mats sold). 

You send that information to me at using the subject line FREE MAT PLEASE! 

I will match up the information to my order list and if everything is correct, you will get a Space Mat Ocularis Infernum game mat in the size of your choice. 

This mat comes in 2 sizes, 6 ft X 3 ft or 3 ft X 3ft. Your choice will be subject to availability at the time. The original art is perfect for space battles or any outer-space themed game.

All purchases must be made, and all information must be sent by 11:59 pm on May 21, 2022 to qualify to get a free mat. 

By the way, if you decide to buy 4 mats and you send me your information, you’ll get a free Ocularis Infernum mat too. It doesn’t just have to be a referral.

Below is a complete post you can copy and share on social. AND Thank You!

The folks at GameMats/PrinTerrain are having a close-out sale on their gaming mats! Right now, you can get between 15% and 30% off the original price of every mat in their store, depending on the size of the mat. That’s a savings of $12 - $40!

These are really cool gaming mats. The artwork is all original and it’s printed on neoprene backed fabric to prevent the mat from sliding all over the table during your game. The special water and fade resistant dyes make the colors really pop.

Check out the mats and get yours here:

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