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GameMats.Com will be attending the GAMA trade show next week, from March 12th to the 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada

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GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to serving the tabletop game industry. It does this by providing support, education and unique opportunities for people in the tabletop game industry. The GAMA Trade Show is their big annual industry-only event where game designers, publishers & manufacturers, distributors, and retailers all get together to interact and learn about new products and trends in tabletop gaming. Just about every type of gaming is represented from board games and trading/collectible card games to RPG's to miniatures and the hobby that surrounds them.

The trade show provides an opportunity for attendees to engage with each other. Retailers can attend manufacturer seminars and learn about the latest games and upcoming plans. Additionally, there's a massive exhibit hall where manufacturers are ready to answer questions and offer support. The seminars provide courses in professional development for all facets of the industry. There's even opportunity to interact with game designers and play test new games.

We're attending as manufacturers and will be participating in events and seminars there. We'll also be on the lookout for other products that we think might be a good fit with our own. We're expecting this to be an awesome opportunity to meet other manufacturers, make connections with distributors and retailers and learn lots of new things.

If you're a retailer attending the GAMA Trade Show, let us know. We anticipate a roll out of our retailer program later this year and we're looking for specific feedback on how we can make our products work for you in your stores. We would love to hear from you! We also want to hear about which segments of the tabletop gaming market you think might be being underserved. Do you have an idea for a game mat? Let us know!

GameMats.Com Shipping During the Week of March 13 - 17

GameMats.Com's day to day staff that handles things like orders, shipping and daily business is a two person operation. Both of us will be attending GAMA. This means that orders that come in during the week of March 13th to 17th will not be shipped out until Monday March 20th. At that time we'll resume our usual speedy handling snd shipping (we typically get stuff out the door the same or next business day that you order).

This event will not affect our design and manufacturing schedule. We're still on track to expand our game mat selection with new designs and mat sizes. (In fact, we should be ready to start showing you some production samples of new game mats very soon!). Work will also continue on our upcoming range of 3D printable terrain. Keep an eye on our social media for sneak peeks and Work In Progress updates.

Lastly, here at we're all tabletop gamers just like you. We're excited to learn about what's new and what's coming soon from our favorite miniature wargames companies. Our schedule while at the GAMA Trade Show is going to be pretty full but we'll do our best to update you on any cool stuff we see and hear about. Keep an eye on our social media (you're following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, right?) and if we get a chance we'll try to drop a little update or two here on the blog.

If you're also attending the GAMA Trade Show, look for us and say hi, we'd love to meet you!

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