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GameMats.Com July Update

Game Mats update July 2017


Hey everyone,

It's July 19th 2017. A lot has been happening and we figured it's time for a bit of an update.

First a bit of personal news. In late June I (Rob) experienced a pretty devastation injury to my left foot. I won't go into all of the gory details but this ended up requiring two surgeries and a 17 day hospital stay. I'll be recovering from this for quite awhile.

In terms of GameMats.Com this hasn't affected our day to day operations much as we have enough people to cover for me. All of our manufacturing is proceeding according to plan (more on this below). What this does affect is our PrinTerrain line of 3D printable game terrain and accessories. We had originally planned for a soft launch in June but this will be delayed, probably by a few more weeks. We’ll update on PrinTerrain as we move forward.

Game Mats Manufacturing Update

Our current manufacturing run was completed about a week ago. This run includes Runic Ruins, Hyperborea and RedOx Wastes in 6 X 4 and 4 X 4 plus Gamma Station and Purgatory in 4 X 4.

The ETA at our US port for these game mats is August 4th. This is about 15 days later than we were expecting due to a manufacturing delay. Based on our previous experiences with US Customs we expect to receive the products at our warehouse around the 14th of August. Bearing in mind that US Customs is the one big variable in our shipping process (Customs can take as long as six weeks to process but we've never had a delay of more than 10 days previously) we expect to be shipping pre-orders by August 16th.

Because we received multiple email requests to keep our pre order pricing available past June 30th, we went ahead and kept pre order pricing in place. Pre order pricing will now end on August 4th. This will give us a few days to dial in our pre order fulfillment and schedule in extra help as needed so we can get all of the pre orders out the door and on their way to you quickly.

What's Next For Game Mats.

Hot on the heels of our current manufacturing run are…Space Mats! We're already far into the process for our first run of space themed mats. We think we have a pretty unique take on our first space mats and we’ll have another update in a few days with full images and details of the new mats. Manufacturing is already underway and we expect it to be completed the first week of August. This means, barring any delays we should have our first space mats for sale early September.

The pre-order period for space mats will be shorter than it was for our previous runs. Pre orders for space mats will go live when we receive word that manufacturing is complete and pre order pricing for space mats will run until the shipment arrives in our US port. We’ll update with hard dates and pricing in about two weeks.

After space mats we've got some surprises in store for later this year and we can't wait to show you what we're working on!

The Kings of War Double List Charleston Throwdown
Game Mats Kings of War CharCon Tournament Sponsor

The Double List Charleston Throwdown is a Kings of War tournament taking place on Saturday and Sunday July 22nd and 23rd in Charleston West Virginia at CharCon Gaming Convention. CharCon Gaming Convention takes place at the Clay Center in Charleston West Virginia.

GameMats.Com is an official sponsor of this event. We've contributed some game mats and some stuff for the swag bags that event participants will receive. If you'd like to participate in this event contact the event organizer Jesse Cornwell at As of this writing there are still a couple of spots open.

GameMats.Com will be at Pacificon Game Expo

We’ll be attending Pacificon Game Expo in Santa Clara California on September 1st to 4th. Look for us in the dealer room, stop by our booth and see all of our game mats in person and maybe a surprise or two. We’ll have another update as we get closer to this event.

Again, pre orders for our current manufacturing run end on August 4th! Drop by GameMats.Com and get yourself one of our new game mats at a special pre order price! Don't forget to follow us on our social media for news, hobby articles and more!





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