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EXTRA - Death Guard Army

Death Guard army mortarion


Following the article a couple weeks ago,  “The Hobby Gods Must Be Crazy!” we received some requests for photos of the Death Guard army I wrote about in that post. So we decided to post some images and to give you a bit of background into the army itself! Hope you enjoy.

At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I was interested in Death Guard before they were cool – and had their own codex. My oldest Death Guard model – the resin Typhus – was finished about four years ago, complete with resin water effects base.

What’s drawn me to Death Guard and Nurgle overall is, simply, I like the zombielike decayed look of the troops; it’s fun, its creepy, and it’s gross, but it looks great on the tabletop.

I’d been collecting Death Guard/Chaos marines for years, but it wasn’t until the Dark Imperium set, and 40k’s 8th edition, premiered that I finally had the kick in the rear I needed to work on the army in earnest.

The army numbers well over 150 models in total. The infantry includes 46 cultists, 40 Poxwalkers, and the rest plague marines and characters, plus helbrutes, tanks, and so forth. This also doesn’t account for my Nurgle daemons, which, at last count, pushes the number of models involved to nearly 200. All told, it’s over 4,000 points strong, depending on how you arm them.

I started the army, unfortunately, before Death Guard Green spray was announced, so the painting is somewhat piecemeal: about half of the army (the older minis) was primed with a camo green color and then washed with Agrax Earthshade; the other half was primed white and then colored with alternating washes of Agrax and Athonian Camoshade. Where necessary, I touched it up with Death Guard Green, and also drybrushed.

The plague marines are an unholy combination of miniatures: old Finecast plague marines, Dark Imperium plague marines, Dark Heresy chaos marines, classic Chaos marines, and some Forge World Death Guard as well.

Some of my favorite minis in the army to paint were the Blightlord Terminators. They’re such characterful models, and I painted them in a debased, rotting version of classic Horus Heresy Death Guard colors.

The last of the minis to be painted was Mortarion, and honestly I was terrified. However, though he was a little tricky to assemble, he ended up being a joy to paint, and actually won me first place in a model competition this year!

The army isn’t finished yet – I still have some bits and bobs to add, like a handful of additional Forge World Death Guard Breachers, just for fun, and a small force of Chaos Renedages, all of which are primed and in process.

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