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Endor Inspired Bunker Design Notes

PrinTerrain by GameMats Endor inspired bunker notes

Last Saturday we released our Endor Inspired Bunker in our Etsy PrinTerrain Shop. This kit is now available for you to purchase made to order for your games of Star Wars Legion or other Sci-Fi tabletop war games like Rogue Stars, Warhammer 40K, The Horus Heresy, etc.

Today we thought it’d fun to talk a little bit about how we design 3D printable Terrain. Not so much the mechanics of designing 3D models, but our thought process when working on a project.

The 3D Printable Terrain Design Basics

When we set out to design a new piece of 3D printable terrain we generally start with a rough sketch of our idea. When we’re in the early phases we’re focusing on playability and relevance. Is our idea going to result in a piece of terrain that makes sense in general game terms? Does it block line of sight? Does it provide some sort of advantage/disadvantage? How can it support a narrative? Since some of our terrain is designed to enhance our game mats, is it a good match for the particular mat we have in mind?

The next consideration - and this one important - is, will this piece be durable? There’s not much worse than building a piece of terrain, spending hours painting and adding personal touches to it and realizing at the end that it’s fragile and unlikely to stand up to much actual use on your game table.

We design our terrain to be sturdy and durable. Many of us don’t have dedicated play space where we can leave terrain and miniatures set up all the time. This means your scenery goes in and out of boxes or some kind of storage, or you need to transport it to the FLGS, wargames club or friends house for games.

When we design terrain we take this into consideration as much as the part will allow. In some cases this does mean that it’ll take a bit more time and material to 3D print our terrain but you shouldn’t have to worry about stuff falling apart from normal use and it should withstand some heavy handed use (and young hands also for those of you who share your hobby with your kids!)

Finally, since it’s our intent that most of these designs will be available as STL files for folks to print at home with their own 3D printers we strive to make terrain designs that are easy to print, with either no or a minimum number of supports needed during printing.

The Endor Inspired Bunker

When we set out to design some wargames terrain suitable for Star Wars Legion, we knew that we definitely wanted to make some pieces suitable for battles on Endor. We looked at some reference materials and decided right away we wanted this piece to be useable, not just decorative. This meant we wanted full access to the interior and we wanted the bunker large enough to hold an entire squad of troops, whether that was 5, 7 or 10 miniatures. (Let’s face it, it kind of sucks when your squad bunker doesn’t have enough room for your whole squad.) We ended up with a large bunker that’s approximately 7.5” by 7.5” with a completely removable roof for access to the interior. It’s roomy enough to hold an entire squad of space marine sized miniatures so you can actually hide them in there instead off off table.

Endor Bunker by printerrain has lots of room for your trooops inside

The next consideration was to make the front doors functional so they can be played opened or closed, giving you some interesting options for your narrative. We also took a bit of creative license and decided to make the two round projections on the roof functional hatches. This was mostly done to give the bunker some additional utility for folks who decide to use it in non Star Wars Legion Games.

After our initial test print we thickened up the walls and made some tweaks to the door rails. Finally, we thickened up the roof part substantially so that it won’t bow under the weight of models placed on top of it.

The end result is an Endor styled bunker that looks and feels substantial and very durable. When you put your troops inside it feels like they could withstand a bombardment in there.

We have a few other items in the works for Star Wars Legion. We’ve already released three different Tatooine styled houses and we’ll be adding to that range and visiting some other locations as well. Do you have a suggestion or idea? Let us know via our social media!

Get your Endor Inspired Bunker made to order here!

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